Watch US Open

Watch US Open: The American open round is 16 p.m. where in the quarter finals it will fight with Diego Schwartzman. Here is all the information about television and live that you need for a clash, including information on how to watch the match for free. Rafael Nadal participated in the quarter-finals of the US Open, defeating the 2014 champion Marina Silicha 6-3, 3-6, 6-1, 6-2 in the match of the 16th round. The second Spanish seed was supported by none other than the golf legend Tiger Woods, when Rafael Nadal intensified his search for the fourth US Open.

Nadal blinded Arthur Ashe’s stadium with a superb game, but it was Woods, the winner of 15 major golf clubs, reacting to Nadal’s range of sensational wins during the crucial part of the match, which attracted attention. An excited kick to the left of the opponent from the Cilic field caused Woods to have an incendiary fist, who was equally grateful for the outrageous shot on goal, which raised the point of the match.

Rafael Nadal called Tiger Woods “amazing inspiration” after the Spaniard entered the quarter finals of the 40th Grand Slam tournament, nine of which came to the US Open. It is very important for me to have his support. As I said, he is amazingly inspiring, all he does in sports is how he managed to continue to fight so hard, ”said Nadal.

Watching him on the golf course was an example, a real inspiration to me. (To) he supported me and very often could communicate with him, so I am very happy, and I hope that one day we can play golf and tennis together. “

Tiger Woods successfully returned to top golf in 2018, winning the season-ending championship after missing most of the previous two years due to a debilitating back injury. In April, he won his 15th major after completing an unforgettable Masters victory. his first major victory after the 2008 US Open.

“I am very pleased that he is here, he is one of the greatest athletes, and I want to congratulate him on one of the most amazing comebacks in sports, having won the Masters this year,” said Nadal, assuming that his own golf game is far behind For his abilities with a racket. It is much better if the Tiger does not see my swing. Maybe he would lose some rhythm after that.

The first two sets were a tough fight, with Kilik rolling back years ago when he was the US champion at the US Open to remove the set from world number two. Nadal eventually left the match 6-3, 3-6, 6-1, the winner is 6-2, and he is now looking for an overwhelming favorite for the title after the exclusion of Novak Djokovic.

The emotions that I experience when I play here cannot be described, ”Nadal added. I like sports and am very happy to still play tennis here. Eight years ago, I did not think that this would happen, because my body suffered greatly. Now Nadal will meet with Diego Schwartzman in the quarterfinals after a weak Argentinean shot down Alexander Zverev. This is a match that Nadal is probably looking forward to. Surprisingly, nothing new, he is one of the best players on the tour, ”he said about Schwartzman.

This will be a big problem. I have to play my best. I am happy for him. He is a close friend, and I hope to play in a great match. However, Nadal quickly turned it on and began to dominate the Croat in the remaining two sets with a simply amazing show, including the winner who gave him the match point.

In front of the crowd at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens, 22-year-old Bencic defeated the best tennis player in the tournament. She praised her rival and said she was pleased with her game. She is a great player, and I had to be at the top of my game. I am really pleased with the way I played and controlled my nerves, ”Bencic said about Osaka.

Osaka, who defeated Serena Williams last year in the scandalous US Open finale, defeated young star Coco Gauf, who defeated 6-3, 6-0 on Saturday. The reigning champion dealt with a left knee injury and clearly preferred one leg.

Bencic has already defeated Osaka in three of four official matches this year. With this final victory over Osaka, she will meet with Donna Vekic, who defeated Julia Gurges on Monday. This is the second number in the tournament, which has decreased over the past two days, since Novak Djokovic had to leave his match on Sunday due to a shoulder injury.