US Open 2019

US Open 2019: One year after winning the US Open and less than 48 hours after winning hearts around the world in the same stadium, Naomi Osaka was knocked out of the tournament in the fourth round. It is noteworthy that her defeat was not a surprise. was No. 1 seed and Belinda Bencic no. 13, it was difficult to regard Bencic’s impressive victories 7-5, 6-4 upset.

Bessik undoubtedly has Osaka’s number, at least in 2019. Bencic can read Osaka’s game, perhaps even read her mind, and now he has beaten him three times in his four official matches with all his victories this season. The danger could not be clearer for Osaka and, to Benchich’s credit, she was able to demonstrate the same high quality at the first meeting in the Grand Slam tournament.

After that, Bencic burst into the top 10, the child prodigy coped with success, but then she had to deal with her left wrist, which required surgical intervention in 2017 and forced her to leave the tour for five months. Her rating fell outside the top 300, and she returned to the track at European low-level satellite competitions to regain confidence in her game and wrist.

Rafael Nadal was pumped up, like Tiger Woods. Let the fist pumping begin. Great golf, along with their children and girlfriend Erica Herman, watched Nadal win 6-3, 3-6, 1-6 in the fourth round over Marine Cilic in the fourth round of the US Open from a private box at Arthur Ashe Stadium on Monday evening. One day, an 18-time head champion called out a roar and a signature wood pump from Woods. What a wonderful night watching @RafaelNadal. “, Woods wrote after the victory. “Just an incredible performance and an amazing way to end the match.”

His fist punch came after a nine-time volley, which Nadal won with a strong punch, punch forward from the back line, rising to 40 love, leading 2: 1 in the third. He let out a scream and a fist, and Woods followed suit. Everyone expected me to rise, ”Bencic said of her career. “Tennis is not like that. I think that all real athletes must overcome obstacles, injuries, just hard times. I think that made me a stronger person, a better player.

On Monday, when it rained on the Flushing Meadows, Bencic got an extra boost under the roof at Arthur Ashe Stadium. Growing up in Switzerland, Bencic played a lot of mini-tennis, which is especially well suited for its accurate playing. “I wanted it to rain, so it was raining,” she said with a grin. After that, 21-year-old Osaka tried her best to see sunlight among the clouds.

“Now I have a feeling of sadness,” she said. “But I also feel that I learned a lot from this tournament. Honestly, of course, I wanted to defend the tournament. I feel that the steps I took as a person were much more significant than I could have imagined at this stage. Therefore, I hope that I can continue to grow. “

Bencic is coached by her father Ivan, who has returned to this role this season. She also received many guidance and advice over the years from Melanie Molitor, who helped turn her daughter Martina Hingis into one of the best and most tactically insightful players in modern game history. We are still grateful to her, ”Ivan Benchik said about Molitor on Monday. “She taught not only Belinda. She also taught me, and we will never forget this, and, of course, we stay in touch. ”